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  1. Kimberly Gonzalez says:

    What common threads or similarities do you see between your and your partner’s submitted works?
    There are a few common similarities between my project and Kiara’s project. The pictures of myself and Kiara are involved in our project. It recognizes who we genuinely look like and shows our self-esteem. Furthermore, I noticed that the bottoms of our Zine Magazine look so tight rather than the above of space which there are more decorated appears in the bottom. My project’s bottom of the page has a pile of clouds, a “Taco” sign, cherry blossom spreads, and other things. Correspondingly, the bottom of Kiara’s project appears many photos of herself.

    What differences do you see?
    Mostly, it is about the theme! Our creativity is quite different. Not individuals express the same idea. I expressed my project based on my 90s vintage themed. Conversely, Kiara’s project certainly focuses on herself which describes who she is. Her project is simple to compare to my project. I can discern that my project has some pop-up items and kind of color which is very loud. This shows my character. I used pictures of different random objects such as a Volkswagen car, a fast-food cup, a 90s pattern, a Ferris wheel, a butterfly tattoo design, and a palm tree. Contrarily, Kiara’s project makes me feel so calm based on color. Color does affect mood. We had a color category preferred.

    How does seeing all of the works organized into one “space” enhance or disrupt your interpretation of the project and its outcome?
    Art is neither right or wrong. Again, the term art generally expressed in many different forms of art itself. Speaking of Kiara’s work, it was so clear and simple. Based on my analysis and interpretation, she organized where she feels her work of individual pictures blended into together. This space reveals a clear process with no obstacle to confusion. Her works utterly convey an indirect way. It indicated that a self-analysis may be important for others. Eventually, Kiara viewed the analysis of oneself as always growing and changing based upon life experience and choices. For instance, a picture of Kiara started towards the edge of her work. Her appearance tells a deep thought about herself in the future. The color of green and red combined a feeling of meditation.

    How will apply this experience to your life? Where will this knowledge transcend for you?
    Since I born in the 21st century, I never knew how magazines became existed. It’s nice to become familiar with the history of Zines. Zines originally developed with the physical paper which people usually cut, add glue, and other creative items involved. This tells me that it doesn’t involve in any electric whatsoever which inspired me. Nowadays, technology evolved over time which I used image editing software. The zine is more of a collage. This assignment, it gains my knowledge about the development of Zines as well. I probably collect this project as my portfolio.

    How do you think the general public will appreciate the project viewing it as a tangible object (the printed ZINES) rather than an online experience? Do you prefer one over the other? Please explain and describe your answers.
    Frankly, I like both. However, I would rather the Zines to be online than a tangible printed for some point. Today is 2019. The environment is very terrible with many effects. The more we used physical objects, the more landfills expand. We are responsible for the next generation. For this reason, we need to save the environment to make a huge difference. If many people entertained viewing the printed Zines, it won’t permeant forever. The printed Zine will start to tear down where it cannot be stored for others to view. Instead, the online experience is a better appreciate by the general public while technology runs our lives these days.

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