1. Nice work! I love this image. My favorite part is that you spread out the text on the image. The mood that I can read is that you are chained to the internet. Thats just how I interpret it though. This is very unique from the other projects.

  2. Najeebah says:

    I love the details in this artwork and how it is arranged, such as the hands in chains that looks like the wires are connects to the skull, the choosing of those words that are in different colors, the repetition of the error box and what looks like hands on the skull. The message I am receiving from this is that our minds and the technology mind are synchronized. I like how, even with repetition like the hands and the error boxes, there were slight differences like in color and spacing. In the case of the words, some were noticeable while others you have to observe closely, which I found interesting. I agree with Ricardo that this artwork is unique in how its convey.

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