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The Net-Art community runs far and wide here on the commons! I wanted to issue a statement that assists both my York & BMCC students both current and alumnus, as well as the general community of peeps checking in and contributing regularly.

So, here we are entering our second week back to classes at CUNY and adapting to our “new lives.”- I cant think of anything else to call it as of right now, so Im going with this. I say this from the perspective of integration as Im very much still in the: “Im really perplexed about how we are even in the position that we are in phase” along with having made and fulfilled so many new and mandated compliances to keep my courses going simultaneously. (That was a long sentence, too.)

Along with following all of the administrative protocol, endless zoom meetings, course updates, the reformatting-ness of everything and the staggering amount of e-mail and overall communication.. (not including connecting with family and friends) Whew, Im finally starting to reflect on things. Or wait, is my ego reflecting on what it thinks it is reflecting on? Reflection invites in ALL of the emotions and the feelings both positive and negative. And, it has been quite a bit of negative! Why am I reminded of past failures at a time like this?? We humans like routines, it helps us stay focused and structured. Uncertainty is not something we are really good at, right? Right?! OK, I produced our CT101 and MMA100 course Continuity plans for the students in this semester’s classes, I hope that it helps. Does it? Please let me know in the comments section below. If you haven’t read it for your class, please click below:

Updated CT101 – Digital Storytelling Continuity Plan here <–

Updated MMA100 – Graphic Design Continuity Plan here  <-

The NET-ART Continuity plan follows a similar flow as stated above. (I got you on this)

I know, those posts above hold a lot of information for how our classes will proceed. As I mentioned, I have put a lot of thought into how this all should proceed, but I realize, “should” is not a great word to begin with.. as things change here in NYC and around the world there may be more pivots made to re-adjust and help students adjust to the circumstances.

Im here to help, please communicate with me and let me know what I can do to help you.

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Can we really look at our courses: “CT101- Digital Storytelling” or “MMA100” or any of our other courses the same way? I see it as this now:

“The-name-of-your-course/ in relationship to the global pandemic CoronaVirus.”

Our first assignment moving forward is an opportunity to express this, I placed this on the individual class calendars last Thursday. Some of the responses are coming in, and they are super on point!


*Blog Post assignment – Please write a new blog post that expresses your feelings, concerns, frustrations and related-otherness about the current state of affairs with the CoronaVirus pandemic. How has this impacted your semester thus far? How do you feel about moving forward with our class as an online entity?

I have also thought a lot about the amount of resources that people are sharing, there is just so much being shared! First and foremost some Wi-Fi:

U.S Providers Offering FREE Wi-Fi or Special Accommodations for 60 Days (via Sara Vogel)

And, Adobe Software for the remainder of the semester (not required – but if you need or want it) –

Term-active CUNY students can now download Adobe Creative Cloud applications to their personal devices. Students can go to and use their CUNY Login username to authenticate and select which Adobe Creative Cloud applications to install.

The student instructions on Accessing Adobe Creative Cloud are available online and will be available from the IT Resources for Remote Work & Teaching page.

And Other resources – Pixlr (is a free web based photoshop alternative) –

Please stay safe everyone!

See you all on Zoom for brief meetings, or via e-mail, text, chat,  or here on this site – please keep in touch!

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