About the Net-Art Course:

This is a Collaborative Community. This is a Collaborative Course. You will Collaborate here!

Ok, most importantly, this website serves as an example and a template for what the potentials can be here on the commons and beyond! Thats right, we are here to share, participate and help!

You may have arrived here thinking that this course / community may not be for you and your subject of study. You see a lot of graphics, flashing imagery and fragmented snippets of over-stimulation.. however, it may all be resonating with an unconscious aspect of how we already filter and expect to consume Internet content. We dismiss quite a bit these days with out even questioning the meaning or the potential value..

Let’s work on that together.

Be it know, this course website has big contributions coming from CUNY York College CT101 Digital Storytelling students, as well as BMCC Foundations of Graphic Design Students. We use this site for teaching, experimenting, sharing, presenting, discussing and archiving our progress.

The NET-ART course will change your mind, perceptions and outlook on how we can use creativity, digital tools and the Internet as a powerful force for Teaching, Learning, Pedagogy, Storytelling, Digital Art & Design, Journalism, Promotion, and most of all Self-Expression!

It is our intention to foster interdisciplinary course participation and interaction between CUNY campuses, faculty members, students of all levels, alumni, community members and affiliates. The Net Art course, website and community will expand upon the many ways that we are exposed to new content, experiences and subjects on digital platforms. It is a space to host, exhibit and discuss our reactions and dialogs.

The course / website will promote, present and archive a wide range of multidisciplinary discourse and output including group and solo exhibitions, critiques and reviews, collaborative zines and much more.

Please browse the website and explore!


Are you interested in submitting to NET-ART? Get in touch! Submissions are always welcome and open!


Questions? Reach out – Contact – rseslow (at) york.cuny.edu