About the Net-Art Course:

Looks can be deceiving… Gems are found in Metaphors.

This is a Collaborative Course. You will Collaborate here!

Chances are you may have arrived here thinking that this course may not be for you. You may see a lot of graphics,  flashing imagery and fragmented snippets of over stimulation. It may be resonating with an unconscious aspect of how we already filter Internet content. We dismiss quite a bit these days with out even questioning the meaning or value.

Lets work on that together.

The NET-ART course will change your mind, perceptions and outlook on how we can use digital tools and the Internet as a powerful force of Storytelling, Digital Art, Illustration, Journalism, Conscious Promotion, Teaching, Learning and most of all Self-Expression!

It is my intention to foster interdisciplinary course participation and interaction between CUNY campuses, faculty members and students. The course will expand upon the way we are exposed and effected by new content, experiences and subjects.

The course will promote, present and archive a wide range of multidisciplinary discourse and output including group and solo exhibitions, critiques and reviews, collaborative zines and more.

Please browse the website and explore!

We will be launching our first series of course projects this coming spring semester of 2018.


Questions? Reach out – Contact – rseslow (at) york.cuny.edu