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The NET-ART Gallery & Exhibitions Jump Pad


Here you will find an Ongoing, Growing Series of Creative Responses and Collaborations to the Various Open Calls & Submissions prompts!

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Scott Rummler – Frequency Based Art

Situations, Scenes & Circumstances

Absence of Presence, 8 Scenes from the Quarantine..

An Ocean in your Sky

Animated GIFs

Caption-Less Abstraction

DIGITAL ART & Static Suchness

Emojied Movie Moments by MBS

Vapor Wave


Shedding Previous Avatar Identities


YORK CT101 – GIF the Portrait

YORK CT101 – GIF the Portrait II

YORK CT101 – GIF the Portrait III

LaGuardia CC – ELL 100 – GIF the Portrait

YORK Panorama

Art History Remixes & Mash-Ups

The MEME Collab

Spring 2020 Meme Collab

The Contemplation of Metaphoric Flight

The Cross College, Campus, Course ZINE Collab Project!

From My Window & Other Spaces Workshop

Waking Accessibility Awareness


a gif about the Internet w/ a happy woman smiling