The Cross College, Campus, Course ZINE Collab Project!

Project Title –  “The Cross College, Campus, Course ZINE Collab Project!”

Participating Courses & Campuses:

Professor Michelle McAuliffe’s :: – ART255, Digital Photography Class – Galluadet University, Washington, DC

Professor Ryan Seslow’s :: – CUNY York College, NYC, CT101, Digital Storytelling Class, CUNY, BMCC, NYC, Foundations of Digital Graphic Design Class, Touro College, Graduate School of Technology, NYC, Foundations & History of Design Class.

(4 different participating courses submitted works in total)

Description –

Welcome! This project is a collaborative open education exploration using design, digital tools, the creative human potential and the Internet. It is our intention to generate, discuss and fuse together disciplines through visual communication.

The “The Cross College, Campus, Course ZINE Collab Project” project synthesizes the disciplines of communication technology, graphic design, and digital storytelling courses across multiple campuses. Each course is given the same information and assignment (below) to complete from the perspective of their class content and personal experiences.

As individual courses, we are interested in knowing how traditional design principles relate and contrast with the medium of visual communication and storytelling (and vice versa). We want to understand and share how the use of integrated software applications and web tools translate when applied and presented in a public space. “Public space” has an interesting context both physically and virtually. We wanted to test both.

What will the results be both digitally and non-digitally-(Analog)?

How will the immediacy of publishing to the Internet and the contrast of using public library spaces to experience the same content effect the overall generating and receiving of the works?

What kind of dialog would this create? (This is the short list of questions, we have many more!)

This project begins today 11/12/2019 by introducing the specifications of the project and publicly inviting other professors, students and courses to join in! Are you interested?


PART 1 – Design

Design  SpecificationsLets simulate, You have been selected to contribute 1 page to a collaborative magaZINE that produces a rare publication in both a (DIY) Do it Yourself printed edition and an online digital version.


*Your submission to the publication will creatively communicate an illustration that displays how:

“Technology and creativity are powerful tools for fueling communication, inspiration, digital-storytelling and design.”

You have the creative freedom to produce and generate your contribution with full autonomy as to how you experience or define this statement above, however, your final submission should display an integrated composition of imagery (use of layers and opacity) along with descriptive verbiage that has been typeset creatively.


*Size Requirements – 8.5″ X 11″ inches vertical, please. (What is the potential of a rectangle?)

Usage of Imagery Participants should NOT randomly use images that are simply just found on the Internet, especially with-out proper attribution to its creator. Please refer to this resource page and work from the numerous repositories of public domain images and creative commons sources. (Yes, you can make your own images and use your own art work!)

Software Skill Showcase – Over the past weeks we have all toggled through learning various techniques and methods working with adobe photoshop and related design tools. All image related composing and manipulations should be generated in photoshop, or another image-making application that allows for a saved out-put as a .jpg or .png file.

Completed Submissions – 

1. I would like to ask all students and participants to publish their completed pages as a blog post describing the process and meaning of your completed page / contribution. You may write the post as a tutorial that maps your process from start to finish. You can then share the link to your individual post when you comment about the project below (in the comments area).

2. Students will save all of their design work and submit one file (.jpeg or .png image file) for both the digital zine publication here on the NET-ART website as well as a printed copy for the print version of the Zine.

( E-mail this file to me – or )


The Galleries:


Professor Michelle McAuliffe’s – ART255, Digital Photography Class, Galluadet University, Washington, DC (below)


Professor Ryan Seslow’s – CUNY York College, NYC, CT101, Digital Storytelling Class, (below)


Professor Ryan Seslow’s – CUNY, BMCC, NYC, Foundations of Digital Graphic Design Class


Professor Ryan Seslow’s – Touro College, Graduate School of Technology, NYC, Foundations & History of Design Class (below)


Part 2 – Commenting & Dialog

In the comments section below: all students and participants will respond and react to both the project as a whole (yes, in the comments space directly below) and individually to each other’s submissions. You can click on an individual image in the gallery in this post on the piece that stands out to you and add your comments. (As submissions the come in they will appear starting the 1st week of December 2019).

The Academic Commons is a public platform and space for CUNY and beyond, the C.A.C commons community will also be invited to participate in commenting and creating dialog here. Feel free to invite others!

Please consider addressing the following questions in your comments:

*What common threads or similarities do you see between the submitted works?

*What differences do you see?

*How does seeing all of the works organized into one “space” enhance or disrupt your interpretation of the project and its outcome?

*How will apply this experience into your life? Where will this knowledge transcend for you?

*How do you think the general public will appreciate the project viewing it as a tangible object (the printed ZINES) rather than an online experience? Do you prefer one over the other? Please explain and describe your answers.  The printed zine will be donated to the NYPL’s Zine collection at their 5th Avenue & 42nd Street location – DeWitt Wallace Periodical Room at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building 

as well also being available at the Libraries of each participating campus as of mid-spring of 2020. 


*Due dates –

All ART work Submissions must be received no later than Thursday December 5th, 2019.

All comments, reaction and discussion submissions must be completed below by Thursday December 12th, 2019.

Check out the previous examples from the last cross campus zine collab here! 

The same specifications were used, lets see how things have evolved in the last 2 years!

Have Questions? Reach out!



  1. Arooj Kousar says:

    Based on the CUNY York college gallery, I felt like there were not any similarities between the work in sense of appearances. All the images have their own individual looks. However, maybe there are some similarities on the purpose of the image such as the image, “tech” and “fifth official look”. It seems like it’s about the influence that technology have on a person. I really liked the “tech” image and prefer it from the rest. Seeing all the work being organized into one space slightly disrupts my perspective on what each work might be about due to such a strong individuality in-between but it shows diversity. Even though, there is a-lot of differences in each work I think it will really look cool and will emphasize their creativity from each other to the general public.

  2. Kareem Enniss says:

    I love all the art work here is really cool to see how everyone interpreted the project differently and is always nice to see other people’s perspective.

  3. Marvin Matias says:

    This project was a very interesting experience for me as it made me work on a number of pieces that reflect internet culture as I know it. A lot of the zines here kinda share this similar aspect where they all feel like weird, 90s abstract art, though each is different enough based on what aspect of the internet they want to touch upon. Seeing each piece organized in one space does 2 things for me. First, it enhances the experience by giving me multiple “windows” into internet culture and giving me certain abstract ways to view what it is about. Secondly, in a sort of contradictory way, having them in one space can cause a person to think that all these pieces lack a coherent story to tell from how each are made with no real consistent similarities in appearance, but that’s just a minor thing. Overall I think we all did a real good job in our art and should feel proud in what we did. Oh, and I think it’d be cool to print these out because it would be ironic. We did these pieces dedicated to the digital space but we printed them out into something physical and on paper.

  4. The whole Zine project has really been a learning experience for me. The beginning of the project was really challenging but now, as I go through the York College gallery, I see some zine pages that I think are awesome and would like to try.
    I love all the photos in this zine collaboration and I think the general public will enjoy these various expressions of creativity with a mixture of technology. I’m exxcited to see other additions from other colleges

  5. The most part of similarities that I can observe, I see them based on 2 movies, matrix and terminator. seeing them all together improves the part of the understanding in which this project is based on the relationship between technology and communication.  This project improved my communication skills to some extent and how to make others understand my idea.

    The general public viewing this project as a tangible will appreciate as a matter of inspiration. In my opinion, I prefer over the other, so people can appreciate better the art work that each person is doing and don’t get distracted by the others. But the awesome thing of being digital is that it makes easier to share the artwork with more people. It was a good project and I enjoyed doing it.

  6. Qadeer says:

    I wanted to start off by saying that these zine projects are quite impressive.

    while looking at the submissions you get the sense that technology rules everything connecting people around the world. however, some of these submissions paint this in a negative view. they show that. we as humans are often bounded to our technologies while some present technology as our liberation. Seeing the zines in one space disrupts my interpretation of the artboard. I feel as though each zine has its own individual story to tell, and we don’t get the experience when you look at everything in one space. I don’t know where this knowledge will take me in life, however, this project really opened my eyes as to how much people are technology reliant. 

  7. Karin Butler says:

    This by far was my favorite assignment ever! Looking at all these projects was so amazing and creating it was even better! I enjoyed looking at how different everyone’s project is. We all read the same quote but none of us made anything the same. I think that is the beauty of art, people can see or read the same thing but interpret it differently. Everyone did great and we should all be proud of what we created.

  8. Ryan Nguyen says:

    All of the submitted images are all very similar but also very different at the same time. Similar in the sense that, of course, every image shared the theme of technology and how it integrates itself in our lives. The images are also vastly different from each other since they all have a unique style. Seeing all the images collected into one space does somewhat disrupt my perspective on the project because even though the images all have a component of tech imbedded in them, the theme is used in such diverse ways that it kind of threw me off a bit. Overall, every image was well made and participating in this project was quite enjoyable and proved to be good practice for photoshop

  9. Michael-John Pobuda says:

    The Images were surprisingly Major. The talent and dedication to the craft is evident even in the most amateur of submissions. I saw images that I would put on a Poster and hang in my room. Some I can’t stop thinking about after viewing. I am excited for the now and the future of Digital Art and even though our tools are the same, the point of views are so limitless, its very exciting. I can’t wait to go back and give some of these pieces of Art a longer look!

  10. Chanesh Mahadeo says:

    Similarities that the posts have with each other would be the vast majority if not all the pictures have to do with technology. The pictures also share a message that they want the reader to come to on their own. Differences that I see are that some pictures do not contain quotes. The added quote element helps set the mood for the story you are trying to portray but the lack of quote leaves for a broader spectrum on how the picture can be depicted. It is amazing being able to see all of the images in one place because it enhances the feeling and purpose of the zine project and shows how technology inspires and effects us all. This experience gives me a better perspective on collaborative works and inspires me to work more with people on these types of projects. I feel like the public will enjoy and appreciate the project as a tangible object. I personally prefer being able to see the pictures online because I can see it wherever I want and see it. But there is something just about seeing a physical object that adds another layer so maybe my mind will change when I see it in person.

  11. ariel rivas says:

    Participating in this project was overall fun. The zine project really makes you tap into your creativity, and makes you portray your creative side through artwork. Seeing my peers artwork I don’t see any similarities, because each individual have a different view in technology. However, I guess the only similarity that would be found is having some sort of tech influences. Seeing all of the works organized into one space mostly enhanced my interpretation of the project and its outcome. It enhanced my interpretation, through seeing how other’s view and portray technology. Overall, this projects shows everyone creativity, and I believe that the public would enjoy and appreciate their view.

  12. Ricardo Deodutt says:

    While doing this project I had a blast! The main reason why I loved this project because I was able to creatively express what inspires me. This project as a whole was pretty amazing because this was the first time I used photoshop to express what inspires me. I did notice that there was a common similarities between SOME people’s submissions. A small portion of people went towards the technology “hacker” glitchy matrix feel. I don’t blame them because one of my submissions had something like that. Other people went towards the typical technology, like computers. In my submission, I used technology like telescopes. Those are considered technology, in my mind. I did see that many people had different color themes. Some people also had quotes and others did not. Viewing the other submissions was also pretty interesting. Personally, I loved how all the work was organized into one space. The main reason why I liked how this was organized is because the best projects to me stood out immediately. I also did not want to keep scrolling until I saw something great I like how this is a gallery feel. For this project, I felt we should have not posted it on CT101 because it may have altered how other people made their version of the project. After doing this project, this experience was mind opening. This motivates me to make more zine like projects and post it on social media. This gave me another way of expressing myself rather than just typing how I feel. I think the general public will appreciate the printed submissions more than a digital version. Personally, I think physical art has a more of an impact than digital art. But thats just my opinion. Overall, this project was really fun and I wish I can do it again for my future classes. Also I hope you guys see my submissions. 🙂

  13. Halimatou Balde says:

    Everyone did a great job on this project. It’s amazing to see all different types of creativities. The common threads and similarities I see between the submitted works is the colors that were used. The differences I see is that some students based their image on technology related and some did not. Seeing all of the works organized into one ”space” has enhanced my interpretation and outcome of the project by being astonished of the pictures each individual made based on what they were thinking while doing the project. I think the general public will appreciate the project viewing it as a tangible object rather than an online experience because it will make them feel proud of all the different types of pictures that were created. For instance, some of them are in a 3D image format. As a whole this project was a successful one. I know for many students like me, it was not an easy job to do. However, I’m glad that we made it and the outcome was victorious.

  14. Najeebah says:

    This project was fun as I got to use the Photoshop skills acquired from CT101 to combine multiple images to portray what technology means to me.

  15. Ellesha Bhagratee says:

    The Zine project has been super fun and interesting. All the images that were published were unique and one in itself. Even though all the images were different and created in there own likeness , I believe that they all embody one message and that message is the power of technology and how technology plays a role in our every day lives.

  16. Maisha Chowdhury says:

    All the Images look very aesthetic and creative. For me the Zine project was very fun and interesting once you get to know how to use all the tools. I got to learn many new cool things to do in this project.

  17. Cami Melson says:

    I enjoyed conducting the Zine Project, as it gave me the ability to express my idea of technology through visual communication. Looking at every persons art, I quickly realized how different people’s minds are. We all came together to create a concept based on the same question, but answered that question with our varying perspectives and visions for this project.

  18. The Zine Project was extremely difficult for me. I believe this is one of the hardest projects I have ever done in my life actually. I struggled with all the tools provided in Adobe photoshop. It was almost like I could crop or cut out a image for the life of me. However with a lot of trial and error I eventually constructed a pretty impressive image if i might say so myself. Looking at the submissions above however i’m starting to doubt my work! I love this project overall I mean who doesn’t love a challenge. I love seeing the diversity in such creativity. We are all so talented and I like how everyone has a different approach or concept towards this project. Its amazing all that we can do.

  19. Tysain Shand says:

    When I first heard about this project I wasn’t sure what to think about it, but I was optimistic because I really do enjoy learning and using photoshop. A great part of the project was getting to see everyone’s interpretation of the project. I personally had my idea as soon as I started working on the project. It did change a little bit as the project went on just to make sure it fit the theme. The theme itself was an interesting one that has a lot of room for creativity, so, seeing everyone’s ideas about it was great. Many of the pieces of art were great to look at and conceptually well thought out. I can’t wait to see the rest of them as well as the final print copy.

  20. Adji Diop says:

    This project really brought out my creative side! Common things I see from other students are phones and how they distract you from nature and everything that’s going on around you. Theres also many submissions that show how the evolution of technology has benefitted people because their device has all the answers. Some differences I have seen are the way technology is portrayed to us. Some posts involved the conveniency of using phones and computers while others used pictures of brains and our mind. Seeing everyones work made into a collage made me feel better about my own work because I saw so many similarities. It made me more confident to know that I didn’t do the wrong thing. This experience benefitted me because I will be able to expand on my creativity and not hold back. I also discovered many cool tools that I can use when photoshopping different pictures. I prefer the printed zines and I believe the people will appreciate that it was printed out because many people can agree that too much technology is hazardous.

  21. Renee says:

    The Zine Project I am wondering how they came up with the name for the project. It sounds to me that this project is what this whole class is about. We have learned how to use tools like Photoshop to create images that tell a story. It is like painting, but there is no paint involved. When people look at the work they interpret what it means to them and we know everyone is different. Using technology and creativity collaboratively will definitely get people talking. Now, what they are talking about depends on what cord you were looking to strike. I saw the work on the site and it is great. Everyone used the same software to produce such a wide variety of work. I like how this project has allowed me to see just what other people are doing with Photoshop. I saw a lot of really great work on the page.

  22. Samira Sumna says:

    The zine project was one of the most interesting projects we have created. All the pictures in the gallery look effortlessly done, but I know it wasn’t easy. It involves deep thinking and creative ideas. My thoughts were all over the place while I was creating this project. I changed my ideas many times because I wasn’t getting what I wanted. After many attempts, I figured what I really wanted to do. I think the zine project was challenging but I gained a lot from it.

  23. Kayla Ferguson says:

    Overall I think that the Zine collaborative Project was a great way for us to express our creativity. I learned to make art digitally and I think that is so cool considering the fact that we live in a world that revolves a lot around technology. Each Zine photo told a story that was expressed through each indivisual’s pictures and I honestly think we all did a really good job.

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  25. This is my first time ever, working on a project like this and I have to say that it was very interesting. In the beginning I made a “prototype” for my project to get an idea of what I would be doing and looking back I should have submitted that one instead of the final one. All in all I still enjoyed working with Photoshop and bringing my ideas to life. Seeing the diversity with different projects and different perspectives with the project was also a rewarding outcome. There are lots of creative and talented individuals and to be able to see their ideas come to live with the objective of the project was a good thing to see.

  26. Yerlene Martinez says:

    I loved all the work that was submitted! It was very interesting looking at the different ways in which all the students interpreted the topic. Some of the work was very clear to understands, others were very abstract but very much a representation of technology.

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