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  1. Fei Xia says:

    Ovayami’s artwork is wonderful. In particular, his composition is very good and, in his artwork, includes many layers on top of each other as well as the use of transparency. When talking about some of the things that my artwork has in common with him, I have added some elements in which they come together via layers and the use of transparency.

    He has ten pictures; however it looks like there aren’t many pictures and they are hidden very well. These colors are in the different change of shade, depth, namely the lightness of color changes. He did it all.

    He distributed ten pictures in different places in a frame, and it looks very tight and there is no space and it should’ve been much better composition if he has left some space.

    He uses ten pictures together properly as well as the colors are well suitable, and the light and shade are in just right place. Also, the retouching is so good that you cannot see any flaws. With that being said, I learned it and I would apply this experience into my art life. If you know the skill of editing and the appropriate use of different colors so that you can work well in the future.

    I believe that there will be less zines in the future. Due to the expensive costs and inconveniences of traditional zine-making processes, including rising Xerox copying costs, we should avoid these unnecessary wastes because we have the duty to take care of our mother earth.

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