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2020 The Arrival –>

And here we are, 4 days into 2020! How are you? I have a lot going on at the moment, teaching-wise, art-wise, design-work-wise and beyond (which is all good stuff!) Of course I want to start the new year with a fresh post, full of energy and excitement for the new year and decade! I have a lot of ideas about how to kick off this semester of teaching and blogging but lets start it off with a show of animated GIFs! Ill get to stating my plans for the new semester very soon, which includes a new overhaul of this website, an expansion of the course syllabus and tons of new tutorials and resources! Perhaps you see this post as an online exhibition, or a vertical, descending scroll of infinite stories? The platform and device that you are navigating from will help you decide and also consume. This is indeed a new series of animated sequences. A new series of narratives and metaphors. Some of which are specific and very conscious, while others are subjective and experimental. I have learned over the many years of my art making practice that I work out ideas this way. I bring together many visual images as fragments, pieces and parts of larger wholes. Lets call them the modular components of the moving whole.. This often presents definitions and redefinitions a bit later on. Im OK with this. Im here to learn, practice, learn some more, and most of all share the journey.

2020 offers another year to creatively grasp the consistently incomprehensible wonder of this life and all of its ups and downs.

Im beyond grateful to be here. Happy New Year!

York’s CT101 GIFs the Portrait-Fall 2019 Edition!

York CT101 GIFs the Portrait-Fall 2019 Edition!

Back at it, Portrait GIFFING!

This fall semester my students at CUNY York College collaborated on the annual GIF the Portrait project.

CT101 is the energetic digital storytelling course that introduces, exposes and installs the awareness of a multitude and application of digital tools! All whilst simultaneously creating a digital identity on the Internet at large! We blog, a lot!

CT101 has two sections each semester. We have 40 awesome students on the roster. Although this project is not mandatory, (students can select from a myriad of creative assignments) each student was asked to write an individual post about someone who greatly inspires and motivates them. They were asked to share why and add contextual links for further clarification. (these individual posts can be found in the main feed on the ct101 website) Using the portrait of that person selected we learned basic electronic image manipulation skills with adobe photoshop. Students also made some basic sequential motion graphics with those manipulated images. Then, they were asked to extract one single still-frame from their individual animations to contribute to the animations above. The result is a fast moving collaborative sequence of portraits. The portraits quickly morph and fragment into a series of animated iterations. Does the word ENERGY come to mind? We hope so (along with a little glitch aesthetic, we hope for that too). After the first animated collab was published, we began pushing the pieces further by “examining the potentials of what else may happen?”

Students are now working on screen grabbing the consolidated GIFs and pushing them forward into “various otherness” using the mobile apps below. 

Would you like to remix one? What is stopping you?

Dig IN!

Glitche’ –

Giphy Cam –

Instagram –

Assembly Design App –


Ultra-Pop -Infinite

GifVid (simple tool to covert GIF to Video, Video to GIF on the phone)
iColorama S rich featured image editor that maintains full resolution of images
ImgPlay – Awesome GIF maker!
Back Eraser – Great to remove background areas and make layers.
Imaengine – Tons of filters, vector conversions, stills & video
Hyperspektiv – Tons of filters, stills and video


The GIF the Portrait project is an open project promoted by the NET-ART website here on the academic commons. Would you like to join in and submit? Lets chat!