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Manifesting Exhibition Simulations

Manifesting Exhibition Simulations

It is my intention to bring an electronic exhibition of Deaf Awareness works to a CUNY Art Gallery in NYC.

It is my intention for this exhibition to be a collaborative venture with other CUNY faculty members and CUNY students of all levels.

This exhibition will also simulate as an online experience here on the CUNY Academic Commons’s NET ART Website.

More to come as this progresses..

Feel free to reach out if you would like to find out more –

rseslow @

Open Call! Did you Submit to GIF IT UP 2018 Yet?

You knew I would! This is my first submission to GIF IT UP 2018! A great and worthy creative event that converts history into animated GIF awesomeness. Check out the details and info below.

Remember, when in doubt or feeling burnt out, make a GIF!


1. Find an inspiring piece of copyright-free / openly licensed material from Europeana CollectionsDPLATrove, or DigitalNZ.
2. Create an awesome gif.
3. Submit it for a chance to win great prizes.


Communication Aware

Communication Aware

Are you as aware of “how” you communicate with your fellow human beings as you think you are? Do you look at them and give them your attention in your exchanges? How aware are you when you assert yourself? Are you taking #communication for granted? Perhaps its time to take a look and make a few changes.

This new #animation is a metaphor, what do you see? Share a story below if you wish.

The Uncertainty of Public Communication

The Uncertainty of Public Communication

Today is the last day of #deafawarenessmonth – I have learned so much and met some really amazing people! (In CUNY and beyond) This is only the beginning though, there is much work to do in bringing more accessibility and awareness to the public, and learning more about what my role is especially as an educator working with mostly hearing people. I can help “bridge” us together in the classroom and beyond. Im proud to be a part of the #deafcommunity and using my art as a medium for change and awareness.

This new #animation is a reminder that there are many degrees and spectrums of being Deaf and hard of hearing – communication can be challenging and every day it is different, every space and degree of noise can greatly effect how and what a Deaf or HofH person may experience. Be aware of this, be sensitive to this, take notice.