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Reacting to York College’s CT101 in MEMEs!

Are Internet Memes ART?

CT101 – Digital Storytelling students at York College are always up for the challenge!

(Screen the video above first and read the articles below, its context, it helps!)

Further, then, do an internet search for “Are memes ART?” See what you discover.. Oh, you will be surprised. No matter how you cut it, memes are here to stay…is this good or bad for Art? Is this good or bad for Education? Is there context for memes and appropriate application in your course or courses? If so, where and how do you start? We wanted to investigate, and so we did.

We would like to know what you think. And by all means, share you favorites via URLs, and or create your own as a reaction..

Are Memes the Pop Culture Art of our Era? Kate Knibbs –

Another piece with some good insights –

Please leave your reactions in the comments section below. We dare you!

The gallery below is our spring 2020 first iterations of Memes that express a simple contemplation: “How do you feel about your CT101 class so far? (After week #4) The gallery speaks for itself. 

By the way, students were also introduced to adobe photoshop. The memes were created as an introduction to basic design layout and applying text to an image. Typesetting is a skill and learning how to apply type to unify a composition takes a lot of practice. Practice, practice. 🙂

Net-Art Open Call for Submissions! Spring 2020 Edition!

The NET-ART OPEN-CALL for Submissions continues this semester!

Spring 2020 Edition

What does this mean? What is NET-ART on the Commons?

The NET-ART 2020 academic calendar is now accepting submissions on a rolling proposal basis in the following criteria:

  1. Electronic Media / Experimental Pedagogy
  2. Animated GIFS
  3. Digital Art
  4. VIDEO ART / Experimental Film
  5. NET-ART (Works created and displayed in a web browser)
  6. Class / Course Collaboration
  7. Digital & Analog ZINEs
  8. Curatorial (A Curated Group Exhibition)
  9. Solo Exhibitions
  10. Net-Art Open Projects – (details here)
  11. “Experimental Such-ness” (e-mail for details)

Looking for useful tools, apps & tutorials to get your submission started? CLICK HERE!

Looking for examples of “what” has been submitted previously? Explore here!

The NET-ART Submission Guidelines:

Submissions may be generated by CUNY faculty, students of all levels, alumni & community members. CUNY classes/courses may also submit collaborative proposals as a group. CUNY faculty & students may also collaborate with others from outside of CUNY as well.

All submitted works will be featured and published as individual blog posts as well as added to existing galleries on the NET-ART website.

Depending on the submission’s proposal, relevant and in context, various submissions will be published and exhibited as an individual page created specifically for the project.

All submissions should be described in written detail with a clear vision, context and meaning. Supporting images and links should be provided as well.

Authors of the submissions and their collaborators must be willing to participate, respond to comments and expand upon their projects with incoming queries via the commons, twitter and beyond.

The purpose of exhibiting submissions in various categories displays a platform for creative and experimental methods of pedagogy. Please consider how your work will contribute to a larger whole that will be archived for teaching, learning, reference and posterity.

We anticipate your submissions!

Question, Proposals & Submissions can be sent via e-mail or via Twitter to:  /  @ryanseslow 


2020 The Arrival –>

And here we are, 4 days into 2020! How are you? I have a lot going on at the moment, teaching-wise, art-wise, design-work-wise and beyond (which is all good stuff!) Of course I want to start the new year with a fresh post, full of energy and excitement for the new year and decade! I have a lot of ideas about how to kick off this semester of teaching and blogging but lets start it off with a show of animated GIFs! Ill get to stating my plans for the new semester very soon, which includes a new overhaul of this website, an expansion of the course syllabus and tons of new tutorials and resources! Perhaps you see this post as an online exhibition, or a vertical, descending scroll of infinite stories? The platform and device that you are navigating from will help you decide and also consume. This is indeed a new series of animated sequences. A new series of narratives and metaphors. Some of which are specific and very conscious, while others are subjective and experimental. I have learned over the many years of my art making practice that I work out ideas this way. I bring together many visual images as fragments, pieces and parts of larger wholes. Lets call them the modular components of the moving whole.. This often presents definitions and redefinitions a bit later on. Im OK with this. Im here to learn, practice, learn some more, and most of all share the journey.

2020 offers another year to creatively grasp the consistently incomprehensible wonder of this life and all of its ups and downs.

Im beyond grateful to be here. Happy New Year!