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  1. Ovayami Aliyu says:

    I saw the background of the sky painted on the wall of the pieces and different colors of the teenagers which look like Ryan Coogler (director); the moon hid in the mountain and wave of the purple ocean with upside-down of the building between me and my partner’s submitted works.

    I saw a child who has an angel in the sky on the brick of the wall, each rips piece of papers like US states, US monument in the area of the Washington DC behind of the gray cloud of the sky like fog, two young people with different dress in between fancy and sport wear and boys taking selfies, form the photograph one is wearing a hood. One is of many lobsters, maybe the favorite food of most restaurants in each state, cities with the glowing light of the street’s logo, the two together maybe a couple and an album of the yearbook to give old memories.

    Seeing all of the works organized into one “space” enhances my interpretation of the project and its outcome by a student who learns how to use Photoshop toolbox, practicing in the art class for this semester, has a lot of experience from art skills, creating another ideas from the brainstorm of the zine example page.

    This experience will apply into my life by relating on skills and qualifications on drawing skills, multidisciplinary team in the design, apply knowledge of graphic design, produce original photographic images, use Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. This knowledge will transcend for me from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) were teaching me from my teacher’s lessons and technique.

    I think the general public will appreciate the project viewing it as a tangible object (the printed ZINES) rather than an online experience was good inspiration and creation of a different design. Yes, I prefer one over the other. I prefer this one because this is very clear on this creative design and my answers had characteristics feel joyous, hopeful, quiet, and kindness.

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