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  1. Reinz Talvo says:

    What common threads or similarities do you see between your and your partner’s submitted work?
    My project is similar as the background distraction, technology, stuff isn’t too distracting, too many clips of the metal are colorful. My partner Adriane’s project is similar as I noticed that one big circle looks like mercury (solar system) and that it looks like on the street or like a rock more than the others. Adriane works on the plain background with real pictures and none are cartoons, Ai illustration, or regular illustrations from any other artist; just using pictures in this collage.

    What differences do you see?
    In my partner Adrian’s work, a woman is posing in the picture, the purple “fungus” with overlapping lichens, the plate license is real artistry, a sunflower, a teacup, a gold/black bee, a brown/black butterfly, the beautiful sunset is on the background, the Gallaudet Garden in the left corner, and there is a green praying mantis.

    How does seeing all of the works organized into one “space” enhance or disrupt your interpretation of the project and its outcome?
    I feel that these group works can feel well organized into one space and enhance my interpretation with the center and/or biggest objects are presented well. For example, in my partner Adrian’s work she had a large photo of herself close to the center with a lot of things coming out of her head which could represent her main thoughts and ideas of the world around her, and/or her favorite constant thoughts. The main idea cannot get misplaced in her work. I feel the same about the other works as well.

    How will apply this experience into your life? Where will this knowledge transcend for you?
    I have experienced what I learned about art in this Digital Photography class. I feel like I have improved my skills in art creativity, drawing, photoshop, Ai illustrator, ideas, design, painting etc. I am in love with art. Art is my life and I care about it more than the any other major.

    How do you think the general public will appreciate the project viewing it as a tangible object (the printed ZINES) rather than an online experience? Do you prefer one over the other? Please explain and describe your answers.
    I think the people will see/enjoy the artworks project and find the artworks curious and interesting. No, I wouldn’t prefer any over others because all the artworks are amazing.

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