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  1. Antwon White-Giddens says:

    Me and Brittany’s works are very different. Because my work is based on a cartoon art and her work is very artistically creative. I think her work is very different from mine. She uses painting and drawing techniques on the background. Also, her work is referring to old school art.

    There are figures which is a human figure, a dog figure, a hand figure, a handwritten name, two swirly lines, and AI
    The artwork is between enchanting and disrupting of my interpretation. Because the space is organized but I lost my motivation for a reason but I can improve my artistic skills. I finally learned something new.

    I am pretty sure that I will improve my life, skills, and motivation. Because I needed to understand and know what to do to lead my artistic and creative skills.

    Yes, that is correct, because they can see the works in the public more clearly and easily.

    No, I certainly like them all.

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