1. Kiara Jones says:

    This project speaks nothing but the truth of society now or maybe this generation now. Crazy how how much technology we have now compared to our ancestors who had nothing. But I do love this, absolutely. The red background to me shows that you’re angry or maybe that color just matches better than another color.

  2. Kareem Enniss says:

    This is creative and there is a lot of meaning in it, Technology is crazy and we are so captivated by it that some of us can’t live without it. So we might as well be define by it.

  3. Marvin Matias says:

    This is probably my favorite out of all the zines here! It really shows off what you know about how to use photoshop and your skills seem real polished. I also like the message of how we essentially became cellphones ourselves because of our dependence on it for everything and how it pretty much controls us. Not sure if you feel real angry about it or not, but I feel the message.

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