1. Kareem Enniss says:

    This is different, and behind it there is many different meaning in it. I can see that every little piece of image you put in here has it’s own meaning to the bigger picture. From tacos to “hope more. worry less.” its pretty Nostalgic. Great Job.

  2. Ikaika Clay says:

    What common threads or similarities do you see between you and your partner’s submitted work? Between me and my partners work I see some similarities. First, both of our artwork has a lot of colors. My partners work is very colorful and it makes her artwork standout. Another thing I see in common between our artwork is that our artwork shows who weare and where we are from. For example, in my artwork you can get a gist of who I am and where I from. It shows that I love to take selfies, I like to eat seafood, and it shows where I grew up and where I was raised. In my partners artwork you can tell she has like a 90s vibe. She has that 90s style and it also shows that she is from Austin, Texas. 2.What differences do you see? When I look at me and my partners artwork I realized a couple of differences. One thing that I saw that was different between our artworks was that in my artwork I have a lot of selfies compared to hers. She has one picture of her and her friends but, in my artwork, I have like 6 different selfies. Another thing I realized was that on my project I outlined some of my pictures andshe did not. The last thing that I see that was different between our projects is that she had added little symbols in her art work and I didn’t.3.How does seeing all of the works organized into one “space” enhance or disrupt your interpretation of the project and its outcome?When I looked at my partners work I could tell what kind of person she is and where she is from. When I look at my partners work I could tell she is a really chill and laidback person. She added a hippy bus in her project and that gives off that cool chill vibes in her artwork.She also added butterflies in her artwork and that shows she is a peaceful person.I could also tell she likes the 90s. She added the cups and those cups were from the 90s. The color choices and the symbols also give a good representation of the 90s. Overlooking all of her project it really shows what kind of person she is. 4.How will you apply this experience into your life? Where will this knowledge transcend for you? I think this project was very beneficialand it will help me later in life. Knowing all of these techniques that I learn will help me one day later in life. It could help me create more artworks in the future. 5.How do you think the general public will appreciate the project viewing it as a tangible object (the printed ZINES) rather than an online experience? Do you prefer one over the other? I believe the public will appreciate my partners project. If it is online or printed, I still believe my partners artwork is truly beautiful and people willappreciate the work because of the creativity and the beautiful colors in her work. I believe her project will be one of those artworks that will stand out.

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