1. Halimatou Balde says:

    This Amazed me the way you brought all these pictures together as a whole to illustrate that not only Mathematics is important in this world. Great Job!!

  2. P says:

    Nice, fascinating and attractive project to show that math is not only a path for deaf and hard of hearing students. Great job!

  3. Jose says:

    Jose Rodriguez and Reinz talvo are different from the zine collaboration project because I noticed Reinz’s project is very distraction giving full attention to something else. Jose’s very bright color and many greens than a few pink.

    Both are different Jose’s are food, candy, donut, ice cream, and fruit, and animal. Renzi’s project is technology, book, photography, and paint.

    She feel that group work can well be organized enter one space and enhance Renzi’s project with medium, different area.

    She has lot of learn from class how use on photoshop but want more deep from photoshop
    But she continues will use photoshop apply into life

    She is first time on online experience on Zine but she before never posts online .

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