1. Kareem Enniss says:

    There is a lot of meaning behind this, but I could see that there is no doubt that Technology has connected us, it connects everyone and your work speaks that. Good job!

  2. Najeebah says:

    I like how it demonstrates technology influencing our everyday interactions. For example, the text message, which is shown by the notification on the top and in contrast, the center has some outdated technology. As Kareem said, I think the message is that technology does connect all of us. But, I also see it being displayed as how human communication has changed through the advancement of technology. People communicate through letters, rotary phones, and eventually cellphones where you can now text, which has changed the preference of communicating. I like the consistency of the colors and the numerical background as it brings the piece together. I notice the words are not in English, but I think its German according to google translate, which I find interesting the choice of language, which I am guessing could maybe part of the artist’s background. The two index fingers touching is what captures my attention to this artwork because it has a different way of showing the word “connection” compared to other artworks. Great work!

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