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Emojied Movie Moments by Michael Branson Smith

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“Emojied Movie Moments”  
Animated GIFs by Michael Branson Smith
“When was the last time you spoke to someone on the phone? And if you’re over 35-40 think about how much time you used to spend talking on the phone. But not so much these days right? Much of that communication has been supplanted by text based communication – emails, text messages, Facebook messages, forum posts, etc. As well, textual communication has replaced many other interactions which you would have been able to show your way with words. 
And unless you’re a good expressive writer you’re likely including a lot of “!!!!!!” to show your enthusiasm! Bolded important words. Or *important text* surrounding symbols when bolding is not possible. Or maybe an 🙂 smiley emoticon. Or a more intricate  :’-( crying emoticon.
But most likely you’ve moved onto emojis. Those little pictograms that your smart phone recommends when you type “pizza” 🍕or “excited” 😜. They are our new best tool for adding nuance to our textual communications. Because we’re unable to add intonation with our voices or read expressions in faces, we rely on a set of standardized emotional expressions to act as stand-ins. And since the speaker never seems to make it to the set, now when the director says “action” we can only 😕.”

MBS is an Associate Professor of Communications Technology at York College and he Groks GIFs.