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The Word “Break” is in “Spring-Break”..

The Word “Break” is in “Spring-Break” – March 2021

Its been a heck of a year.. here we are 1 year later from when the Covid-19 pandemic caused mass lock downs here in NYC and far far far beyond. Im not yet writing this from a “post” Covid reality.. but it is late March 2021 and Spring Break has arrived across many academic calendars for the next 2-3 weeks.

Here is a friendly reminder for those in the teaching profession and beyond, take a good read and please let me know if you need me to help you in your AWAKENING…


  1. Fellow teaching colleagues, some of you really need to hear this – what example(s) do you think that you are setting when you overload your students with hefty assignments that “need” to be completed over their spring break?


  1. When this is promoted and expected, it is all about you. EGO. It says that you are not mindful and considerate of others, especially your students and what that time may mean to them, as well as take away from them.


  1. It also tells the student that taking a break is not important even when it is clearly scheduled to happen. I’m not talking about the suggesting of “inspiring-ness” to check out if they wish to, but ridiculous deadlines and expectations during that time.


  1. The word “break” is in “Spring Break” – as in; take a break away from the repetitive actions, commitments and deadlines that have occurred consistently over the last 8 weeks.


  1. Here is the mantra; compassion, empathy, patience, understanding. There is no EGO in teaching. Let’s all take a break.