This GIF above has been created by applying and remixing several small GIFs taken from the Internet archive website. Do you know of it? It consists of characters from the Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter video games that were insanely popular in the 1990s (and still are!)

I made this GIF by re-composing many of the characters into one composition. This has not been done before to my knowledge. Especially with the grainy textures that develop as a result of enlarging the the small files into larger ones. I love those textures! It was necessary to do this. The idea had been poking at me for some time and it creates a new dialog and conversation between the characters. This is not a fancy photoshop or after effects animation. You could make it pretty quickly yourself if you have a laptop or a desktop computer connected to the Internet at the moment.

Would you like to learn more on how?

The NET-ART course account on Newhive has been created.

Newhive is an Internet Art making platform. Users can generate a wide range of creative digital media outputs that can be applied in many, many, many ways! Newhive hosts, presents, promotes and archives the work of its members.

It is nothing less than brilliant.

Net-Art students here on the commons’ course will have access to the class Newhive account (and will be encouraged to create their own accounts) as we collaborate on a variety of course assignments and projects. Here we will create a body of growing works that will be exhibited in various ways.

Check out the class Newhive here!

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