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Memory Memories

Don’t forget the teacher we call “ephemeral” – in as early as 2007 I started making molds of, at the time, modern hard-drives. I casted them in cement attempting to give the illusion of permanence. The hard-drive, ah the intermediary friend that holds our “data” – it may be work, business or personal, but it always does its job. It will record, host, store and archive. This frozen outdated hard-drive sculpture shown here on August 14th 2017 is to remind us of the metaphors that illustrate our lives. Our brains and mind(s) record and store the experiences, situations and occurrences that call reality, much like a hard-drive, however, does the hard drive feel the sentiments and emotions that we assign to those commands and interactions? This sculpture has turned blue to compliment the cold aspects of how it feels as it begins to melt and face its utilitarian demise. The beauty of technology though, we can transfer the data from the old device, update it and continue its legacy. We can even change how we feel about what “we” store if we choose to, or we can become cold and numb as it simply melts away. #technophemera is an ongoing collaboration between myself and @leonreidiv – the works live on and will resurface when YOU need them to.

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