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Exhibition Simulation of Missed Communication

Exhibition Simulation of Missed Communication

“Unraveling & Integrating 40 years of Missed Communication”

This is a “Simulated Proposal” of a new Exhibition that I would very much like to mount. If you are interested in further information please contact me directly via e-mail – ryan (at) ryanseslow.com

Six (or more) large flat screen video monitors hang both vertically and horizontally to create an integrated and balanced pattern on the wall. The art consists of new static digital collage works, animated gifs and motion graphics that produce a multi-channel series of narratives. The various mediums illustrate the narratives about pretending, hiding and being in denial about my severe hearing loss and deafness over the last 40 years. The works examine various aspects of the title itself: “Unraveling & Integrating 40 Years of Missed Communication”.

The exhibition space will also have 1-2 free standing computers on pedestals for visitors to access and use. The exhibition simultaneously is supported by a desktop and mobile website where the show also functions in fragments with individual stories that explain each piece further. Visitors can interact with the content in both exhibitions by sharing their own stories, leaving comments, creating dialogs and or adding to the art works and joining the exhibition.

*This idea is in development. More coming soon.

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Net-ART-ing the Commons – An Exhibition Proposal!

The commons has been Net Art’ed..sadly this GIF animation above is only a preview of the entire internet art work due to a limitation with embedding iframe codes here on the commons. I understand, security, potential wonky code, protection… (dot dot dot) not to worry though, you can view this piece in all of its glory as a full page in its entirety here –> https://newhive.com/ryanseslow/net-art-ing-the-commons <— Did you notice the new page edition in the navigation menu? “Net Art” – wouldn’t it be fun to see a Net Art exhibition here on the commons consisting of an open call of submissions from our CUNY community members? Well, this is my official public submission to the commons requesting an opportunity to make this happen. I know, its not a traditional method for such an endeavor, or is it? Perhaps this is precisely how we can continue to build community, new teaching methods, cross CUNY collaboration and present opportunities that can in fact become multidisciplinary?

I would be happy to present this in person.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

What are the potentials of Internet Art making? Check out this body of work I created over the last year here, navigate from the arrows on each side of the screen.